[50/50] Song #49: “Children of the Revolution”

Friday, January 18th, 2013

Maggie_riding a hooverbikeSong #49: “Children of the Revolution” — Violent Femmes (1986)

There had to be at least one T. Rex song on this list. I considered “20th Century Boy” before deciding to go with “Children of the Revolution.” Specifically the Violent Femmes cover of “Children of the Revolution.” The Marc Bolan original is arguably better, but I heard the Femmes version first and preferred its uptempo take. Plus, it still manages to keep both the song’s irony and its sensuality with Gordon Gano’s guttural howls.

I was reading a lot of Love & Rockets at the time, and for some reason thought the Violent Femmes version would make the PERFECT song to play over the opening credits of a Love & Rockets film, as Maggie the Mechanic zipped across the desert on her hoverbike (back when the series was still mixing sci-fi and dinosaurs with Lucha Libre wrestlers and life in East L.A.) Of course, now I realize what a mismatch that is for a L&R … not that a movie version will ever get made. Still, it’s nice to imagine…

“Twist & shout/Let it all hang out”

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