[50/50] Comedy #17: “Some Girls”

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Comedy #17: “Some Girls” (1988)

some_girlsI really only went to see this because of Jennifer Connelly. Turned out she was the least interesting thing in the film.

It’s a shame “Some Girls” was packaged as a wacky ’80s rom/com. Sure, it’s got romance and comedy and quirkiness to spare, but it is really just a sweet, odd movie that wants to be loved. Kinda like its protagonist, played by a very young Patrick Dempsey. Yeah, that guy, Dr. Sexy or whatever.

Dempsey goes to Montreal to see college girlfriend Connelly over the winter holiday, and is plunged into the gothic matriarchy that is her family. He soon discovers that everyone wants him except for his girlfriend. Intentions are misconstrued, doors are slammed, and sexual minefields are crossed. Lessons are learned about life and love and the mystery of women, the end.

What makes this little movie work is the unexpected turn the story takes, and its setting — Quebec in the heart of winter. For American audiences at least, this foray into the great white north helps reinforce a sense of being lost in a foreign land, where you can’t quite figure out the rules. Plus, it’s easier to explain away everyone’s odd behavior — they’re not quirky, they’re French-Canadian!

Don’t watch the trailer for this (it’s awful), just put it in your Netflix queue for Valentine’s Day.

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One comment on “[50/50] Comedy #17: “Some Girls”

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