[50/50] Album #36: “Everything’s Different Now”

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Album #36: “Everything’s Different Now” — ‘Til Tuesday (1988)

1986_tiltuesday_perf1Want to remember what it’s like to fall in love? Forgotten what it’s like to break up with someone? Listen to this album.

‘Til Tuesday’s swan song — before Aimee Mann dissolved the group and became the patron saint of indie solo artists — “Everything’s Different Now” deftly traces the arc of every doomed relationship, from giddy beginning to resigned breakup and bitter regret. Friends, lovers and bandmates are not spared. By the time you get to “(Believed You Were) Lucky,” it’s just as easy to see it as Mann finally breaking up with a music industry she had come to hate, as an ode to a lost love. (Although, it was good at that too; let’s just say I spent a few drunken nights blasting the first side of this record when it came out in 1988.)


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