[50/50] Song #32: “Barracuda”

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Song #32: “Barracuda” — Heart (1977)

heartPoor Rich Ryan. Rich was the guitarist in our church choir, and once I found out he knew the opening riff to “Barracuda,” I asked him to play it  — every single week. To his credit, he indulged me every single time. Thanks, man.

Of course, can you blame me? it is one of the all-time killer hooks.

With all deference to Dread Zeppelin and Lez Zeppelin, Heart is the world’s best Led Zep cover band, even laying claim to “Rock and Roll” and “Black Dog” as their own. (And there is, also, this). While not a cover, with “Barracuda” you can almost feel Heart channeling “Immigrant Song” and Zeppelin at its shortest and sharpest. Simply put, these women could rock.

Photo via Six Degrees of Heart’s Little Queen

Oh yeah, and Rich? You played it better than Nancy Wilson. Just sayin’

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