[50/50] Song #30: “Texarkana”

Saturday, August 17th, 2013

Song #30: “Texarkana” — R.E.M. (1991)

My best friend from college died of cancer before she was in her 30s. Lisa wasn’t a fan of R.E.M. — I don’t even know if she liked them; she was always more funk and R&B than anything else  — and she certainly never heard this song, as the album it appeared on (“Out of Time) dropped a month after she was buried. Yet every time I listen to Texarkana, I think of her.

5 comments on “[50/50] Song #30: “Texarkana”

  1. stwaz says:

    I love this song. And the album. One of my favorites.

  2. stwaz says:

    One of the only songs on which Mike Mills sang lead, btw.

    • jape77 says:

      That’s definitely one of the reasons I prefer it, compared to all their other songs. While I like R.E.M. just fine, had several of their albums, and have fond memories of a Ocean City housemate playing “Murmur” over and over again in a desperate attempt to decipher the lyrics (and failing), I find that Michael Stipe’s voice became grating over the years, and I just can’t listen to it anymore. (Plus, it is hard to forgive him the cardinal sin of “Everybody Hurts”)

      Curiously enough, my favorite Beatle’s songs were ones sung by George or Ringo. Guess I have something for going against the grain, or the sideman getting his moment in the spotlight, or fill-in-your-own-underdog metaphor here

  3. Patty Gongaware says:

    This one falls a little higher on my personal favorites list

  4. […] Greatest Hits, Volume 1. It really is all that and a bag of chips, yes indeed. It was one of Lisa D’s favorite albums, and was in constant rotation the year we lived on Esch 1. (“Reasons” […]

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