[50/50] Album #26: “Let It Be”

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

[50/50] Album #26: “Let It Be” — The Replacements (1984)

Sorry, Kev, not the one from The Beatles.

letibeI think half the reason I like this record is because of its cover. While the AV Club goes into loving detail about Let It Be’s iconic cover and its (non) symbolism here, for me its because I lived in a place almost exactly like that. For six months in 1988, Paul Rogers and I lived in the top of a house in New Cumberland, with a fire escape running along the side, and a roof on which I once found myself waking up after one of the big parties Paul threw. The place was within crawling distance of half a dozen bars. Paul showed me how to play pool and play the ponies. We filled the uninsulated attic with army surplus parachutes and a table tennis table and played incredibly violent games of ping pong. We both thought we were going to be great writers. One day I was typing away on the tiny back porch, working on the manuscript for Truckin’ Turtles, when Paul came bounding up the stairs. “What’s up,” I asked. “My car caught fire,” he said as he ran inside. “Everything ok?” I inquired as he flew back out a few seconds later. “Yeah, we’re good.”

It was a great six months.

Of course, the other reason to love this record is because of the music. My editor at the Indy said she played “Let It Be” so much, she wore through two copies. Listen to it sometime and you’ll see why.


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