[50/50] Album #25: “Leave Home”

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

Album #25: “Leave Home” — Ramones (1977)


I actually own my cousin an apology. When we were out to visit the family in Ohio, I dunno what year now, sometime in late 70s, she told me about the Ramones. And I made fun of her because I thought it was a stupid name for a band. I’m sorry, Shannon, I was so, so SO wrong.

One of the best shows I ever saw, if not the best show, was the Ramones. The summer I worked at the beach, they played some club in Ocean City, Md., in an old warehouse down a sandy road. It was stuffy and hot and yet Joey Ramone still wouldn’t take off his leather jacket.  It was my first time in a real mosh pit. By the time the show was over, and we were waiting for our ride, I was vibrating. I wasn’t just wrung out — I felt cleansed.

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