[50/50] Between a rock and hard place II

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

This bring my 50/50 countdown to the Top 15 — and a conundrum.

Clearly this year has not gone as planned. A severe injury and my dad’s death have left me reeling, and months behind my original schedule. At the current rate, I’d have to post at least one entry every day for the rest of the year to make my 50th birthday deadline. That’s at least 75 essays, each one getting no doubt longer as we get closer to #1. I really do enjoy writing these, but at 150 words an hour (yes, I’m that slow a writer), it is just not going to be possible to make my deadline and give my picks the praise they deserve. Certainly not with the holidays encroaching, certainly not with more pressing needs at work and at home.

I could skip through the list and just post the names — but where’s the fun in that? Plus, it’s not like my No. 1 movie or album is going anywhere …

Anyway, the countdown will continue as soon possible.

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