At the start of this year, leading up to my 50th birthday, I decided to try and write about a few of my favorite things. Make a list of my 50 favorite albums, 50 favorite movies, 50 favorite games — that sort of things. I could write one entry each day, right? Easy.

There are now 127 days until I turn 50, and I still have at least 127 favorite things to write about. That’s one a day, folks! Can I make it in time? Will I be able to post once a day until my birthday on January 4th?

Please join me on this horribly self-indulgent quest, and stop on back throughout the next few months for the 50/50 countdown, and see if you agree with anything on my best of list. I look forward to the cheering/jeering as I come down the home stretch.

Top 50 Albums
Top 50 Books
Top 50 Movies
Top 50 Games
Top 50 Songs

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