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[50/50] Song #25: “Dance Along the Edge”

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Song #25: “Dance Along the Edge” — Concrete Blonde (1986)

2207994410_3d2fd04556_oBefore the iTunes and internet radio, you were stuck listening to whatever crappy commercial radio stations happen to be in your area. Maybe, if you were lucky, you were close enough to a college big enough to field a station that could reach off campus. (True story: I didn’t know my university had a radio station until my sophomore year when I moved across the hall; the signal wasn’t strong enough to get the whole way through the concrete and steel of my dorm.)

On my way down to Ocean City, MD, I had encountered one truly great station out of Baltimore/Annapolis: WHFS. Sadly, their signal stopped at the state line. Luckily by the late ’80s, I had friends and family living in the area, and they would capture hours of WHFS on cassette tape and send them our way like auditory lifelines. The sense of joy and relief when a stack of these pop culture care packages arrived was palpable, especially in the office of the CPBJ. Some of the tapes we played over and over and over, and a few I kept, commercials and all, creating an interesting alternative time capsule of the late ’80s and early ’90s. One of the best of these analog core samples kicked off with the best song from goth lite band Concrete Blonde, an ode to the fragility of relationships…

Photo via Jaimeville