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[50/50] Esch1, Jenn1 and Lisa D.

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

Song #18: “Should I Stay or Should I Go” — The Clash (1982)
Song  #19: “Sexual Healing” — Marvin Gaye (1982)

My freshman year in college, while not the best year of my life, was certainly one of the most fun. I was one of those kids who took the opportunity to reinvent themselves, and absolutely took off in the new environment. That environment turned out to be the first floor of Esch Hall, a dorm in the east quad of IUP. jenn lisa d and jpOstensibly the “honors floor” for studious students intent on studying, it was an odd mix of adult grad students, upperclassmen and freshmen. It was also co-ed. In addition, Esch1 came equiped with two huge apartments (each with a convenient hidden back stairway), which came in very handy for parties. Because, it turned out, people who liked to study hard needed a way to blow off steam. A lot of steam.

By the spring I had the girlfriend I’d always wanted, an incredibly cute, incredibly fun blond named Jenn. Better yet, she had just switched dorm rooms and moved in with one of the best friends I would ever have, a spirited and irrepressible j-major who went by the name Lisa D. The rest of the year was a perpetual state of rollicking bliss, full of all-nighters, practical jokes, and falling crazy in love. There were two songs that we blasted out louder than any other when they came on the radio, and they almost perfectly bookend that year.