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The return of Snooze Button Poetry

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Snooze Button Poetry IV

Scandals and wealth: we get a tour from
Courage to take easy or no show classes.
The mob from scaling them to laying their eggs
New dresses and casual shirts released
……each week
Making it impossible for matter
……to dig out of the black hole.

—May 2014

Snooze Button Poetry III

Friday, January 31st, 2014

Leaving gay marriage advocates to press
….additional lawsuits
Here’s at least where four people were killed
….in a small blast in the the city
Every winter the Dept. of Housing picks a night in January
Under the ‘makeup the difference’ of extreme insurance policies
It is however a reality that alters daily life
We’ll find out what cities can learn
….from the first mass transit super bowl

—late January 2014

Snooze button poetry returns!

Thursday, January 23rd, 2014

A certain amount of persistence
. ..and working hard and getting along with people
A prophesy that a left-handed gap-toothed man
. ..will rule Sudan
—eruption! More than 20,000 people
They say some of the district redesigns
. ..are unfair
Rocket-propelled grenades introduced them to
When a chemical leaked into the Elk River
The American Dream is on its way

— January 2014

Snooze button poetry

Wednesday, January 1st, 2014

Let’s kick off 2014 with a poem written by my alarm clock. These is what I heard each morning over the last week or so before I could hit the snooze.

“Snooze button poetry”

part of a great lab experiment
a weapons and arsenal. It took a lot of work to
……come up with a plan
we’ve known tests for cancer that aren’t serious
what did it cost her?
and helped write two of the biggest
……songs of the year
death bearing down will make you
……prioritize better

—Late December 2013

[50/50] Comedy #16: “Educating Rita”

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Comedy #16: “Educating Rita” (1983)

old-books-on-shelfAnother bittersweet movie disguised as a romantic comedy — fortunately, its about two people in love with literature, and fortunately, for the audience, they are played by Michael Caine and firecracker Julie Walters. Set at a Liverpool University, it follows working-class hairdresser Susan as she desperately seeks to improve her life and escape her blue collar fate. Her enthusiasm re-energizes her tutor, a failed writer who drifts through academia drunk and lost and yet, because it is Michael-fucking-Caine, with wit drolly intact. Originally a two-character play, the movie struggles to move beyond the stage and works best when it is just the two protagonists sitting in a room verbally jousting.

This is one of my brother’s favorites, in no small part because of the bold step the producers took in giving the film an electronic soundtrack, composed entirely on synthesizer. It is unique to be sure, if now somewhat dated. Still, “Educating Rita” is one of the best movies about the joy of learning, what it takes to change your direction in life, and what you both gain — and lose — in making the effort.

You could put it in your Netflix queue, or just start watching it now — someone’s posted the whole thing on YouTube.