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[50/50] Song #29: “The Ghost in You”

Friday, August 23rd, 2013

Song #29: “The Ghost in You” — Psychedelic Furs (1984)

The_Psychedelic_Furs“Inside you the time moves and she don’t fade/The ghost in you, she don’t fade”

I missed seeing the P-Furs when they came thru town the other week; still couldn’t stand for more than a few minutes, so joining a crowd on the concrete floor of the Cat’s Cradle was out of the question. Maybe it was appropriate that age and injury kept me from seeing The Psychedelic Furs. While “Pretty in Pink” was their biggest hit (thanks to the John Hughes film of the same name), their best song was unquestionably “The Ghost in You,” a quintessential New Wave ode to reminiscence as you get older. It’s chorus is quite possibly the single best lyric written about memory and falling in love.