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[50/50] Between a rock and a hard place

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

SomeGirls78This entry is about the oddest concert experience I ever had. This is also the only opportunity I’ll have to write about the Rolling Stones as (spoiler alert) they don’t appear anywhere in my Top 50, songs or albums. (Although, it should be noted, “Some Girls” came close to making the cut, and I always had a soft spot for their oddball hit “Emotional Rescue,” if only because I remember my friend Monty mocking Mick Jagger’s soliloquy at the end of the song, endlessly repeating “I will be your knight in shiiiiiinning aaaaaaaaaaamour …. on a fine aaaaaaaarab chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarger” as we played D&D in the Link’s basement.)

Anyway, back to the concert. After years of listening to my friend Rusty go on and on about how awesome the Stones’ famous 1981 tour was, and, having never seen them play live —[ Fun Fact Aside! One of the very first shows the Stones ever played in the U.S. was at the FARM SHOW ARENA in Harrisburg … in 1964! ]— my brother got us tickets to the 1989 Steel Wheels tour. This tour was notable in that a) it was the first band stage so tall it required FAA lights at the top of the structure so planes wouldn’t hit it and b) it was widely reported that this would be the Rolling Stones final tour.

… I’ll give you a minute so you can stop laughing…

So there we were, in Veteran’s Stadium in Philadelphia with 100,000 people before a structure the size of an aircraft carrier, with stories-high blowup dolls flanking the stage and swaying back and forth as Mick and Keith played the hits. They veered into stuff off their latest album and had just broken into a number called “Rock and a Hard Place” when a fight broke out in the row in front of us. Stadium security quickly appeared, but instead of coming down the aisle, they decided to swarm over the seats of our section and make a beeline for the brawl. Suddenly, my brother and I were in the middle of a huge scrum between the frat boys, still throwing punches, and overzealous guards grabbing over our heads. The crush of people carried us back and forth like a rugby ball as the chorus reached its crescendo and Jagger yelled repeatedly “Between a ROCK” and the backup singers replied “and a HARD PLACE.”

I looked at my brother and shouted out something like, “oh the irony.”

As the song ended the cops swept down the aisle and dragged the perps out. The guards wanted to clear the whole section and tried to throw everyone out, but the police stopped them. I don’t remember much after that except that we now had a much better view of the stage. Regardless, I wanted to thank the Rolling Stones for giving me my most literal rock-n-roll experience ever.

[50/50] Comedy #17: “Some Girls”

Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

Comedy #17: “Some Girls” (1988)

some_girlsI really only went to see this because of Jennifer Connelly. Turned out she was the least interesting thing in the film.

It’s a shame “Some Girls” was packaged as a wacky ’80s rom/com. Sure, it’s got romance and comedy and quirkiness to spare, but it is really just a sweet, odd movie that wants to be loved. Kinda like its protagonist, played by a very young Patrick Dempsey. Yeah, that guy, Dr. Sexy or whatever.

Dempsey goes to Montreal to see college girlfriend Connelly over the winter holiday, and is plunged into the gothic matriarchy that is her family. He soon discovers that everyone wants him except for his girlfriend. Intentions are misconstrued, doors are slammed, and sexual minefields are crossed. Lessons are learned about life and love and the mystery of women, the end.

What makes this little movie work is the unexpected turn the story takes, and its setting — Quebec in the heart of winter. For American audiences at least, this foray into the great white north helps reinforce a sense of being lost in a foreign land, where you can’t quite figure out the rules. Plus, it’s easier to explain away everyone’s odd behavior — they’re not quirky, they’re French-Canadian!

Don’t watch the trailer for this (it’s awful), just put it in your Netflix queue for Valentine’s Day.

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